Alone at here

What in the world is a boy to do
When in this smokey place I only see you
Was far away when you caught my eye
You've brought me back and now you're making me high

I was alone at here
With no one else around
Now I've fallen for you
And there's no coming down
Till there was you

I know what you're needing
My Thoughts are leading me straight into your eyes
What can I do ??
I'm looking right at you this feeling is all new
I want you addicted to me

Fate can act in a curious way
When all that mattered means nothing today
All that concerns me, that drenches my thoughts
Is this sensation that seeing you brought

What can i do ??
Til there was you...

And there is no coming down...

heyheypig hi

rainbow welcome
rainbow welcome

Berilah Penghargaan kepada Penulis sekecil apapun dengan cara dibawah ini...
Tinggalin komen di buku tamu :)
i am who i am
i am who i am

About Us

about meabout me

male 25 july 1989..
suka berbicara dalam takaran yang berlebih,,
over pe de :)
saya tidak suka meroko atau minum alkohol,
senang menghabiskan waktu di depan komputer
daripada jalan jalan..
berharap dapat menemukan soulmate
dalam waktu dekat

hoby ku makan hhe...

bersama teman baik ku

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